Future Service Oriented Networks

An EU FP7 project


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FUSION is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission.

The partners are:
- Alcatel-Lucent
- Orange
- Spinor
- iMinds


- FP7 Future Networks
- FI-cluster
- H2020 ICT


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Last update:
July 2016

FUSION Workpackages

WP1, Project Management, co-ordinates the technical/scientific work and administrative aspects of the project.

WP2, Service-centric Networking Architecture, is the architectural work package of the project, defining the overall scope of the functionality of novel service-centric networking solutions, specifying the interfaces and interactions between players, layers and functional entities. It also undertakes system-wide modelling to evaluate the overall system dynamic at a higher level.

WP3, Service Layer Management Platform, focuses on the algorithms, protocols and functionality of the networked service management layer in FUSION. This includes design, implementation and (where applicable) simulation of: node execution environments; service deployment mechanisms; and overall platform operations and monitoring.

WP4, Service-centric Networking, focusses on the network layer of the FUSION architecture, designing the protocols needed for communication between the service components. Its main objectives are: to define, implement and validate a scalable, service-centric networking stack; to develop optimised network management techniques for placement, duplication and relocalisation of services and content; to design and implement service-centric routers.

WP5, Use Cases Definition, Modelling and Evaluation, defines specific use cases and implements prototypes in the areas of multimedia and gaming. It establishes the prototype experimentation environment, undertaking functional validation and performance analysis tests, providing the demonstrations required to evaluate and disseminate project results.

WP6, Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation, disseminates the FUSION project activities and results; oversees the project's monitoring and contributions to relevant standardisation bodies; and elaborates the exploitation strategies of the consortium.